Brand Awareness

Showoffs uses the art of listening and visualizing what you, the client really want. It is crucial to the success of your companys marketing and so this is why Showoffs takes great care in suggesting and picking out the right entertainers and performers for your Brand Awareness.

Showoffs spends time researching and creating the ideal environment from which we can suggest, and you can choose the artists who will promote awareness of your brand in the most exciting and eye catching way.

Some examples:

  • Human Statues with your brand logo sprayed onto their bodies.
  • Close up magicians with your company’s logo on their cards.
  • Contortionists delivering anything from a Pizza to a mobile phone for maximum effect.
  • Cheerleaders with branded T shirts and branded chants.
  • Break dancers wearing branded T Shirts and Branded Trainers.
  • Flag and Ribbon dancers with your brand logo on the flags.
  • Stunning models for your conferences and events.
  • Roller-skaters promoting and leafleting your company’s brand awareness.
  • Poets specifically making up branded rhymes, whilst performing in public.
  • Mime artists carrying and using your company’s new products.
  • Jugglers promoting your logo with their balls!
  • Specific walkabout characters in the theme of your event.

These are just a few of the brand awareness ideas that we can provide to help make that niche link between you and the public come alive. There is no doubt that all are artists are eye catching, and will give your company the message and reputation you deserve.

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